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About Bonavista Biennale

The Bonavista Biennale launched in 2017, inspired by Canadian Heritage’s call for projects to recognize and celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. Located on the Bonavista Peninsula in Newfoundland, the Bonavista Biennale is a bi-annual, rural-based art initiative with a unique approach and significant presence in the Canadian cultural landscape. It is committed to bringing high-calibre, professional, national and international contemporary art to the local area. The Bonavista Biennale’s mission is to make a positive cultural, economic and social impact on the Bonavista Peninsula through curatorial excellence in the presentation of contemporary visual art. The Biennale is a unique and inspiring project that provides direct cultural, social and economic benefits to the communities and people of the Peninsula; and contributes to access to and advancement of contemporary art and artists in the province and across the country. Visit or follow @bbiennale.